Simple solutions, maximum results.

Getting your business into shape doesn’t need to be rocket science. You know the product, we know business management and marketing.

Applying our vast knowledge of business management, accounting, marketing, branding and sales, we work with you to make sure the business is in the best shape it can be - to get the seller the best result possible, and for the buyer to start their new adventure with a professional business that is going to reward them in the future.

Working in conjunction with our marketing team, our business sales team analyse the business from top to bottom, and in the process ensure it is best represented from an overall strategic point of view; including financial set up, branding, marketing and cash flow forecasts as just the starting point.

We then, if required, develop a strategic plan to ensure a successful path is place for the future purchaser of your business - we want to find a buyer for your business that is passionate about seeing your vision through.

So how does it work?

Our approach to selling your business is:

The Crush approach is not just to sign you up, but moreso to help work with you to make sure the business is in the best shape it should be. This thorough process is a new approach to business broking and can be tailored to suit your requirements and the specific needs of each business.

Contact us to discuss how our services can add value to your business.